Client/Server Software & Database Solutions

For those clients who are not interested in migrating to the latest Intranet technologies, Local Network can create software and database solutions using traditional client/server technology.

These software and database solutions are developed using proven programming techniques and can include features such as secure login, multiple user access, import/export functions, integration with 3rd party software and other data sources, and custom reports.

  • Designed for single station (client) or network use (client/server)
  • Integrate with 3rd party software products/data sources
  • Modular design for future expansion
  • Data is stored in non-proprietary format
  • Custom reports
  • More!

Customizing Existing Applications

Depending on the "openness" of the existing software solution, Local Network can often customize or add additional functionality to the existing software application.

  • Add additional screens
  • Capture additional data
  • Develop additional reports
  • More!

Intranet and Internet Solutions

Over the past five years, many traditional client/server and stand-alone databases and software programs have been replaced by Intranet/Internet based solutions designed using web-based technologies and programming languages. Benefits include:

  • Standardize on web-based technologies
  • Immediate deployment of software updates to all client workstations
  • Easier access from outside the office
  • Standardize on browser based user interface
  • More!
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